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Assignments can be made to paid Professional seats only

In order for HubSpot to work with Salesforce, I need to be able to continue to assign objects to Salesforce queues. Salesforce's lead routing functionality is much more robust than HubSpot's. You can globally turn users on and off of being part of a queue or you can locally have them as part of a queue. HubSpot doesn't allow for such necessary fine-grained granularlity and that's just one way in which Salesforce is superior to HubSpot in this regard.


Now, I was happily able to do this until today when I received the following message: "Assignments can be made to paid Professional seats only."


This does not feel like solving for the user. Instead, it seems very much to be taking away existing functionality and pushing users, ready or not, into the paid version of the CRM.


I would love to continue to use HubSpot. I have been an evangelist since 2012. However, if this is the direction in which Product is taking the platform, there are market leaders in the space to choose from as well as challengers to which I'll have to, sadly, turn.


Assignments can be made to paid Professional seats onlyAssignments can be made to paid Professional seats only

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi @ron_kagan - really appreciate you taking the time to submit feedback. This was a change that should only have applied to new portals, and your portal was incorrectly impacted by this. It has since been fixed, and you should be able to assign to Salesforce users again. Apologies for any disruption you experienced.