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Assigning Colors to Modules in a Template

I think it would be very beneficial to have the ability to assign colors to specific modules within the design manager. 



So, the global modules are already green. What if you could assign any color you wanted to a specific module or group, so you can keep track of where everything is in the template?


This would be helpful in being able to distinguish where specific content is located within the template.


Maybe there could be an option when you click on 'edit module' within the dropdown list? Assigning a certain color of your choice to that module or module group. 


Dropdown ExampleDropdown Example


When you have a lengthy page, it's hard to find what you need quickly, because all the modules look the same.... I know you have the ability to label them, but that isn't really helpful unless you want to read through all the different ones. 


Here's a rough example of my idea:

Color Options (Rough Example)Color Options (Rough Example)

I don't know about you guys, but I feel like this would help out a lot. 

Any thoughts? 

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