Assign task to multiple people


It would be nice if CRM tasks would be assignable to multiple people. Right now it can be assigned to one person only.

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Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
Apr 4, 2017

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yes; all the workarounds make it quite dificult to organise HS...


I would also use this feature daily. We have new hires and VAs who we want to complete tasks and we want a co-assigned party who basically gets all the notifications that a task would give but doesnt need to complete it. Sort of to monitor the task. 


Agreed! I would like to put different types of tasks in each users account. For example, all 18 of my stores are supposed to post on social media weekly, submit reports monthly, etc. They are already using their task list for contact related tasks - and I would like to create recurring tasks for everyone to remind them of important deadlines. 

I have the beta for the recurring tasks which is great. But I have to go in and create 18 different recurring tasks - one for each store. I would much rather select the users I want to create the tasks for and do them all at once.



It would be great to share a task with my team mates in order to cover ourselves when we are out of the office. Some tasks that we set are crucial to runnning our business and, therefore, are imperative with regards to timing. 

Looking forward to this idea being approved soon!