Assign task to multiple people

It would be nice if CRM tasks would be assignable to multiple people. Right now it can be assigned to one person only.

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I agree that this feature is needed. In situations where we are prospecting for leads (for example. prospects who after the first contact reads the email or clicks link become leads) where the task don´t need to be "personal" it would be very good for a follow up task to be assigned automatically (with use of workflow) to the whole team so the follow up gets done quickly.

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Please do this. There are times when both my coworker and I need to complete a task!!

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Assigning tasks to a team would be helpful. 


I agree this feature is necessary for our team.

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Hi Dev,


It would be very useful for us to have this feature developed. It is very important for us to be able to assign a task to the whole team.

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agree! Let us have this feature! And as far as i know, it cannot require a lot of development to include another responsible person. 


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Has this function been reconsidered yet, to either assign task to a team or multiple people is really an expected function. 

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agree, multiple task holders would be very useful

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I have found a workaround. If you work at a company and use a company email you can them make an Alias email address that sends to a team. We have one we cal that forward to everyone on the sales team. 


Once you create this you have to add it to hubspot as a team member. 

Then you can begin assigning tasks to Salesteam.


I hope it works, it has worked for us!