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Assign task to multiple people

It would be nice if CRM tasks would be assignable to multiple people. Right now it can be assigned to one person only.

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Assign task to multiple peopleEquipo de producto de HubSpot
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Apr 4, 2017

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Yup, this would be great!

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+1 for this feature


We are finding that team members are being included in the body text of the task so are receiving an email notification for it, but when they click the link the task doesn't appear on their dashboard because they aren't the owner of it. They then have to search around on other user's tasks lists to find what they need.


In our business, and I think this will be the same for many, tasks are rarely the responsibility of just one person. I believe this feature is crucial.

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yes this would be a great feature added!

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This is a great idea.

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Great thread! 

@AndyPitre would you have any update for us?


Thank you 

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What about assgining to a team?

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Yes! Being able to assign to multiples, or a team, or to be able to CC other members so they can watch the progress.


Also being able to create a PROJECT, and then separate tasks assigned to various people. 

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For our firm it will make sense to have this option as we need the entire admin group to get notifications when a task is created. This helps keep an eye on client's requests .


We used to have this in CRM Dynamics and it was very useful.

It will be great to be able to use it again.



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I have a couple of examples of use cases for assigning a task to multiple people:

- We just started using HubSpot's CRM and I want to create a task for each person on our sales team to watch one of your getting started tutorial videos. Right now the only way to to do this is create the task and assign to one person, then repeat those steps for everyone else on the sales team.

- Marketing creates a list based on specific contact criteria to send an event invitation email. We want to assign a task to each sales person to review the contacts on that list which they are the owwner of.


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This would be a great idea. Especially in the call queue function. Does anybody read and update this?

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This would be great. Seems such a simple thing to do...

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+1 for this feature. Alternative is the possibility to assign it to a team. thx

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I agree! We have a team of BDR's that handle our outbound calling. It would be great if there was a "bucket" tasks dumped into that we could then create a workflow to assign to reps as needed. 

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This is a very important feature, please consider it. 


Definitely need this please.



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Since 2 years there is no update on Hubspot for a basic feature.

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I would love this feature as well.. please make it happen!