Assign task to multiple people

It would be nice if CRM tasks would be assignable to multiple people. Right now it can be assigned to one person only.

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Assign task to multiple peopleHubSpot Product Team
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HubSpot Product Team
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Could you share any reason? It will help a lot.

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More than 1 assignees would be the minimum. A solution one step further would be a 'responsible' field and 'others' multiple-field. Of course :-) , with the possibiliy of re-delegation. But you know that better than me, don't you?

I am curious why it is declined.


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Dev please......

I also think this would be a great feature.  The task is the prospecting of a deal.  It is the "follow through" that any deal stands on.   Before arriving at a deal with a client, there are a magnidute of little task that leads up to the execution of the deal.   I think it would be awesome to apply some of the functionality of "Deals" to "Task", and additionally add the functionality to copy/assign a group of task into a Parent Task, a "Plan" so it would be easier to deploy a closing process for each client.  It is the task that leads to the deal, so why not allow "Task" to share some of the "Deals" functionality.  I hope this will help add these features to map.  Thank you and totally enjoy using Hubspot.  


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This feature makes total sense and would be I think really useful for team work. Thanks.


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Especially now that there is the property 'Hubspot team' that assemble more users under the same group, it would be useful to be able to assign task to the entire team.

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This function would be an important part of our workflow. Assigning tasks to a team would give our users an important comfort level to begin using Hubspot daily. 

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Assigning tasks to teams so they pick from a queue is a requirement for us. 

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+1 for this feature. It's one of the first things I looked for.. We need to create tasks that are capable of being actioned by multiple people..  Currently have to duplicate tasks or ask users to check other users task lists.  Please add this in ASAP!

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Hi Development,


It would be very useful for us to have this feature developed. It is very important for us to be able to assign a task to the whole team.