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Assign owner to Inbound call received

It would be nice to be able to attach the Hubspot Owner to an Inbound call received. In the client's timeline, it shows that a call was received but you can't select who took the call.  All you can do is make notes and then type the person's name who received the call in the body of the notes.   


When a client calls and they are a Hubspot client, a pop-up screen is shown and we can start entering information about the call, but nowhere to select who took the call.  It would actually be nice if that automatically populated. 

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Hi mkelly, 


As a potential solution you're welcome to explore the Cradle app below.


Cradle can route inbound calls by contact owner as well as have both your inbound & outbound calls logged as engagements against the contact. We capture who took the call as well as the call outcome for an accurate record for your team to refer to.