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Assign Ticket Owner to Associated Conversation

Issue: Tickets Owner and associated Conversation Assignee are not linked.


Use Case: Our support team rotates who is on call. Whoever is on call during a specified period of time will answer incoming client issues for that period. To facilitate this, we have the Conversations Inbox set to unassigned for new incoming messages. We also have it set to automatically create new tickets, which also have the ticket owner as unassigned. If a support rep claims a Ticket they set themselves as the owner, BUT the associated Conversation is still shown as unassigned.


As a result it diminishes our team's ability to work out of both the Ticket and Conversation areas concurrently, as ownership of something in one area is not reflected in the other. This reduces the usefulness of the Conversations Inbox.


Solution: When an unowned Ticket (automatically created from a new Conversation) has it's owner set, also assign the associated Conversation to the same user.

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@cdewey22 Any update on this?


I need this feature too 🙂


We need this feature too. Let us know when this has been added. Thank you



One way our team has worked around this is to assign the conversation in the inbox first.  The ticket will then assume the same owner as the conversation.



On occassion, a ticket needs to be handed off to another department, requiring it to have a new ticket owner - which we have been able to easilly reassign through a workflow, but ALSO needs the conversation owner to reflect the new ticket owner, along with being moved to the new department's inbox.  When we manually move a conversation to a new inbox, it automatically unassigns the conversation and I would like to have the option to keep the assigned owner. 


Since 2 of our departments use the same pipeline and frequently hand off tickets between each other, the teams have access to each other's inbox and we have been able to manually assign the conversation to match the ticket, but then it all goes kerplunk when we move the conversation.


Thank you for your help!


@cdewey22 was this still in planning? Any update on this? 


My business would also love this feature! We're never in a situation where the ticket assignee and the conversation assignee would be a different person. We use mainly tickets over the conversations, and remembering to change both is proving very difficult.


I actually just encountered this problem. It seems rather unfortunate that a Workflow cannot "assign" a conversation to the ticket owner... 


Hubspot, do we have any updates on this?