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Assign Tasks to Customers



I have come across a few scenarios where I need to assign tasks to my customers (not my team).   For example, I have a situtaion where I need a client to do several different tasks (not always the same for each client) and I would like to create a task(s) where i can assign it to them and they get notified of that task and can view the list when they need to...  


The simpliest way would be to allow us to assign a task to a customer or team member directly in the task itself.  This would be VERY helpful!



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I came here to request this same thing but especially within Hubspot Projects!  We are currently using Asana, but want to use Hubspot exclusively for recording every touch with our customers, so we need to be able to assign tasks to them within the implementation project (we do software implementations).  This would be a gamechanger!


Agree with the posts above.  


The simply ability to link a project (and task) to a company would help.  It would also be the start to expanding the projects tool to do greater things.