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Assign Speaker Names With Zoom transcriptions

Sorry if this idea has already been suggested.


Seems like a logical feature for the Zoom transcriptions would be to assign (or associate) actual names of the speakers instead of just having S1, S2, S3, etc. So, for example, after the recording, we could associate S1 with Tom, S2 with Mary, S3 with John etc.


When there are a lot of speakers, it's difficult to remember the names of all the speakers when reviewing the recordings.

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Yes please!  Even if v1 allows me to manually replace "Speaker 1" with a name.


This would be extremely helpful!


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This continues to be an issue for us.  It would be a very helpful feature to associate the name of the participant with the speaker name.  As was stated in an earlier post, even if it is a manual find and replace, it would give us the ability to know without searching - especially when there is more than 1 participant on a call.


Is this on the roadmap anywhere?  Is this a zoom integration issue that could be updated before it is sent to the cloud?