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Assign Conversation Owners within Workflow

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We have specific use cases where conversations/tickets are assigned to specific members on the team based on the region where the contact is located. 


We are able to successfully reassign tickets based on contact/company properties BUT are limited to just the standard conversation assignment for our inbox. It would be AMAZING to either assign conversations based on the ticket owner ( OR be able to assign owner within the workflow. 


Currently the workflow automation for conversations is VERY limiting and preventing us from using automation to maximze our team. 

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In Beta
January 08, 2024 11:03 AM

Happy Monday, everyone. The ability to assign a single conversation owner in a target inbox via workflows is available for public beta. Take a look and tell us what you think. 😁

In Planning
August 18, 2023 06:41 AM

Hello, everyone! This topic has been getting a steady set of advocates over the last few weeks, so I'm chiming in as the Product Manager of Service Hub routing and assignment to let you know:

  • You are HEARD! We understand that conversation assignment is painful not to have in workflows for a multitude of reasons outlined here, but especially because of the disconnect between tickets and conversations, and tickets being the only way to customize routing and assignment beyond Inbox Settings.
  • We are in the planning stage of building a new workflow action that will allow for direct assignment (assignment to a single owner in a single inbox, ignoring availability or capacity) of conversations that meet the conditions of a conversation-based workflow. We're targeting a Q4 release, and I'll add an update when we start our beta stage.
  • Longer term, we'd also like to add the ability to assign conversations to a group of users or teams, taking user availability and capacity into account, to reduce the reliance on tickets for Inbox routing. We don't have a committed priority for that effort.

Keep adding your thoughts and use cases! These help us drive priority on our product roadmaps and let us know what problems we need to solve. Know that we are listening even if we don't always respond. 🙂

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This would be incredibly useful...


Really waiting for this Feature! 


Me three !


Cosign this idea! This would be great. We schedule certain hours for our Support techs to be monitoring incoming conversations (email and chat) and so we want to assign those conversations to certain users based on the time of day they come in. Currently we can only assign to a specific user.


This is the feature that we need to handle our customer support e-mails. It is a bit disappointing that it is not available yet.


Super important for us! Without this, the HubSpot Scoring system is useless to us, as we cannot assign the incoming lead through the form submission to the correct owner based on their score. 


This feature would be extremely helpful in managing our chatbot conversations. 


Can you allow us to change any conversation properties via workflow?


We would love to have this feature for our contact forms coming to the inbox, so they are assigned to the country manager/contact owner. 


neeeeeeeeeeeeded pls


Great idea, I can't believe a workflow can't be created to set the Conversation Owner.


Really, really need this feature.


Would love to see this. The current workflow capability for conversations is very limited!

Currently can't bulk unassign, can't bulk reassign, can't filter by assignee if the "assignee" is no longer a member of the inbox (even though conversations will still be assigned to that assignee and show up in the "all conversations" folder).


Currently the first hour of my day is unassigning tickets from support agents that are not currently working. Most of them are super good about unassigning the convos from them, however there are a few that forget. I don't want these emails to be missed! This would help a ton:)


The Inbox tool doesn't make sense without this feature, it's a lot of manual work and we lose effiency


We need this function to further automate our service. It's a lot of manual work now. This won't work anymore in the long run. Our customer base is growing and so is our support team. 


We really really need this!! We were excited to set up a very effecient workflow in hubspot for managing our customer conversations (thought with what we pay for hubspot service it would have the features we need......). Please give us this feature!!!!!


Yes, totally agree. We need this. Automation is a key reason we use hubspot, but if we have to go manual on key steps, it starts to lose value


My Support team workflows are severely hampered by this strange inability to edit these properties


I support that this idea could be very usefull and help a lot of companies !