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Asign / limit products to pipelines

We use HubSpot deals to track our sales approach in various different products groups of our business. 

The pipelines work great to reflect the different sales processes for each product group. 

What is lacking though is the possibility to asign products from the product library I have created to the different pipelines. 

Instead all products are selectable in all pipelines. This makes the process of creating a new deal quite cumbersome because you have to scroll through the drop down menu including all products until you find the right ones. The complexity gets even worse as the product portfolio grows. 


Feature suggestion: Please add a section in the definition section of the pipeline in which you asign folders or single items in the product portfolio to the pipeline so that - when creating a deal in said pipeline - only the asigned products can be chosen for the deal. 

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Agreed with this. We have multiple lines of business that sell separate products and it's a nightmare with the current one long scrolling list setup.