Arranging the order of Product folders

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The current Product folder feature organizes the folders by create date only. But this doesn't correspond with the frequency of use, which is inconvenient. We would like to see the most frequently used folders on top, to make quoting easier Smiley Happy

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This would be GREAT!

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Would it be possible to have more control in the layout and display of the Product Library?


For example, I have setup a number of folders to track different services we offer, but the default order the salesperson sees when trying to add a product from the Library is based on the order the folders were created rather than the logical (thematic) order I'd like to force. 


Easy fix would be to allow the same sorting capability for the folders and products in the Add Products window as what we have in the Library creation window under settings. 


Better approach would be to allow full control on ordering the folders and products within them from the settings window. 





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It would also be useful to be able to filter products by custom property, and display custom properties on the settings page.  This need to be an implimented feature because it is not very practical to have to export the 4000+ products my company has, to then filter that export for the 50 products I need to update. 


Also on the add product from library screen it would be useful to be able to change what properties are displayed. My companies has over 4000 skus, it would be useful to be able to display the name and sku. So that when I search for a product I can verify I have the right sku with the product name or I can find the product sku by the name, while I can search the library with either a name or sku I do not have the visual confirmation of having the sku displayed by the product name.