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It would be great to "archive" deals that have either been won or lost, so that they don't appear on the dashboard or deals table. This way you wouldn't lose the information from the deal and it would affect the figures on your deals dashboard.

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In a similar vein, our sales opportunities are seasonal, so we've got a bunch of 'PAST:' appended to old pipelines. I wish I could archive a pipeline so I don't have to scroll thru 20 of them to find current sales opps. 

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@cbegley, I was looking for the same function. Turns out you can create a filter to view Deals in various stages (such as PAST, or whatever you choose). Then you can set that view as default on the Deals page.



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I agree. Or perhaps allow us to filter them out in our view, removing the deal columns I don't want to see. Right now I have Closed Won, Closed Lost, and Closed Disappeared. I'd like to have those columns not display in my primary daily working view.

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 Any news on this one? 

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I would love this!  It would be very helpful to have a place to archive lost deals.  I often have the opportunity to revisit lost deals, but I don't want them clogging up my current list of deals.   Thanks!

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Any update on this request? Please advise.

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It would be so helpful to archive deals without deleting them. We would like to know if a particular client had previous inquires and possible sales, but the list in deals in the table format gets very long. Creating a view that omits closed deals doesn't work for us either because many of the closed won deals require post sale work.


Need This for extending conversations that could become active and require future follow-up (several months out).  I need to keep track of the good deals that simply won't convert right now but need to stay active.  If a client is looking for a product a year in advance, is testing a different product but wants follow-up in a few months, etc.   These types deals do not fit into any of these categories in particular and become lost overtime.  ARCHIVE DEAL feature with custom reasons to why would be very helpful. 

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any update on this one?

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Functionality to archive Deals would be fantastic.


I would also suggest that you can 'restore' Deals from archive back into the active list. Similar functionality can be found in Trello boards for archiving/un-archiving Cards.


Looking forward to updates.

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I agree, this archiving option would help me because when we're closing deals as Lost, they are cluttering the pipeline.

So as a temporary solution, we've created a Lost Pipeline and we move all those deals to this pipeline to keep them away from the sales pipeline.

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Agree, we have a large number of deals per company/year and would like a way of hiding them, whilst retaining the information/notes/attachment etc

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I created a separate pipe line called Archived deals, with 2 stages, "won" or "lost". It doesn’t take long once a month by using filters on our standard pipeline to select all orders placedwhen last modified date is (30 days before) then move them to the appropriate deal stage on the other pipe line. Deals are kept but out of the main pipeline view.

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Yes please! We do not want to delete deals, but we would love to be able to archive deals to keep our boards neater. 

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Yes Please.

Our deals are mainly projects and so we invoice over several months.  Having a duplicate end stage like 'Closed - Servicing' is one solution, but I would still like to clean out the older deals once they have completed and we are nolonger active/invoicing on them.

Any idea if this Archive feature will be implemented for us soon?

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support fully idea of archiving deals!! i was wondering why this functionality does not exist as it is a basic informatio of each account... pls prepare solution, many thanks!