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Archive forms and emails

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It would be great to hide or archive forms and emails so we retain he data from those items but do not see them on our active views of forms and emails.

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The Form overview becomes increasingly mesy over time without this ability to archive forms


For archived landing pages, it would be great if can archive the forms too. 


If archiving is somehow hard to achieve, I'd love to see folders in which I can place my forms. Make us create our own version of archiving and not lose legacy data.


This would also be great on the sales side for sequences and templates. We have a lot of templates in the system, some of which only apply to employees that have since left the company, as well as campaigns we aren't currently running. It makes it difficult to find the templates I need when we have so many that we no longer use.


This is an important feature needed so that we can clean up old or duplicate properties we no longer use, but exist in a form so we cannot delete them. However, we don't want to delete old forms as important data exists in them.