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Archive Users (Former Team Members)

When a Team Member leaves our company, we do not delete their Hubspot User account.  We like to keep these open for reporting and analytics purposes.  Currenlty, we do not have a good way to label these Users that are no longer with the company.  This creates noise for our reports, but it also can cause issues with workflows. 


If an Admin could archive these users, that would be helpful for both reporting and analytics, as well as help streamline workflows that rely on accurate Users data.

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I also think this would be a very useful addition to the platform.


Same here. And basically there is no official way to make the user inactive. When someone leaves the company, the first thing we do is make all their accounts inactive, so they can no longer access company information they shouldn't anymore. However with HubSpot this isn't possible, and the only way is to delete their account. But we also need some time to relocate their leads to other people, and we do still want their results in a report, so that's far from ideal.



Same here, user object needs an "active" property.


Accounts of departing staff need to be deactivated at a definite date but their leads/contacts/deals data is necessary for an indefinite time afterwards.


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I recently saw the option to "Deactivate" a user (opposed to "Remove from Account") start to show up in the Actions menu of User & Teams settings.  I'm not sure if this will show in all portals currently (i.e., is in beta or similar) and on a recent call to HubSpot Support they didn't immediately have context on this.  Based on some experimentation, it appears this would address the request here, however.  See screenshots attached.

Deactivated users still appear to be selectable in User property dropdowns (may not be ideal, as it's not currently clear from this view that they are deactivated), and can remain tagged on existing records and be used in reporting/filters (great!).

Deactivate a user:
Deactivate User.png

Deactivate User 2.png

Reactivate a user:
Reactivate Deactivated User.png


Can still select the Deactivated user in Owner dropdown (may not be desirable for many use-cases, especially for portal with many historical users, especially considering it's not clear that the user is deactivated – a checkbox to reveal deactivated users would help here):
Owner Drop Down with Deactivated User.png




I got a similar issue.


Some of the team members are switching teams (From Sales to Operations for instance). When they switch teams, all their data transfers to the new team.

So I'm actually losing track of the Real Sales data since that team member is actually in a new team.