Archive Users (Former Team Members)


When a Team Member leaves our company, we do not delete their Hubspot User account.  We like to keep these open for reporting and analytics purposes.  Currenlty, we do not have a good way to label these Users that are no longer with the company.  This creates noise for our reports, but it also can cause issues with workflows. 


If an Admin could archive these users, that would be helpful for both reporting and analytics, as well as help streamline workflows that rely on accurate Users data.

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I also think this would be a very useful addition to the platform.


Same here. And basically there is no official way to make the user inactive. When someone leaves the company, the first thing we do is make all their accounts inactive, so they can no longer access company information they shouldn't anymore. However with HubSpot this isn't possible, and the only way is to delete their account. But we also need some time to relocate their leads to other people, and we do still want their results in a report, so that's far from ideal.