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Archive Objects (contacts, companies, deals, tickets)

It would be great to "archive" deals that have either been won or lost, so that they don't appear on the dashboard or deals table. This way you wouldn't lose the information from the deal and it would affect the figures on your deals dashboard.

Re: Archiving deals - changed to: Not Currently Planned
March 30, 2020 08:19 AM

Hello HubSpot Community, 

Thank you as always for your continued feedback, it helps us build a great product.

We are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating our priorities and roadmap to deliver as much value to our customers as possible. At this time the ability to archive deals is not something our team is currently planning to build natively into HubSpot. This is certainly subject to change in the future and we will update this idea if that becomes the case. 


It would be so helpful to archive deals without deleting them. We would like to know if a particular client had previous inquires and possible sales, but the list in deals in the table format gets very long. Creating a view that omits closed deals doesn't work for us either because many of the closed won deals require post sale work.


Need This for extending conversations that could become active and require future follow-up (several months out).  I need to keep track of the good deals that simply won't convert right now but need to stay active.  If a client is looking for a product a year in advance, is testing a different product but wants follow-up in a few months, etc.   These types deals do not fit into any of these categories in particular and become lost overtime.  ARCHIVE DEAL feature with custom reasons to why would be very helpful. 


Agree, that could fix another issue related to pricing.


We use marketing and sales. Marketing charges based on number of contacts, but Sales does not. For Group A contacts, we use only Sales features, yet, since we have marketing activated, those contact count towards the marketing bill. So, virtually, for those contacts, a big account (using sales + marketing), we pay more for sales only than a small account (using sales only). 


With archived contacts, Hubspot could charge marketing based on the "non-archived" contacts and prevent those contacts from using marketing features.


@VagaeNatus Awesome point but I think the main problem is that they are making so much money with the way its set up I doubt they are going to change this. There is a sneaky way of keeping contacts Archived but thats kinda a process. What they should really do us unlock the contact count to unlimited, but lock down the number of emails able to send per month with the marketing product.


Yes! Please do add this feature - hugely needed


Any update on this HubSpot?? 


We really need this feature and it's seriously lacking. There are contacts who have since left a company, but we don't want to lose any information about the dealings or communication with them, as this will be really helpful to deal with the person replacing their position.



I agree that this is a needed feature. The current options are not sufficient. The ability to mark a contact as Inactive rather than opting them out or deleting the record is standard in most CRMs. We need a way to preserve the history when a contact leaves a company, with a tag that can easily be filtered out for communications. Ideally, users would also not be charged for Inactive contacts. HubSpot could prevent users from taking advantage of that by not allowing emails to be sent to inactive contacts until they were made active again.


This is absolutely needed, and the previous comments about needing it due to EU GDPR regs is spot on. We CANNOT delete this information. We should be able to have a way to archive these, and not have them count against our contact count. This feature should be applicable to both contacts as well as companies. 


Agreed - hubspot needs to make this happen for the points given.


Am currently implementing Hubspot accross the organization and this is definitely a key feature that I'd like to see. It's creating friction between our Customer Success Team and Marketing efforts that we can't properly archive an old contact at a company.


Using HubSpot for B2C in property and I have 17K inactive contacts and 3K active contacts. 


People don't buy a house every day but they might be buying anytime after they registered interest with us. 


We can't be deleting the records as we definitely want to retain the customer relationship. 


any update on this one?


I agree. We are in a B2B business and people move to different companies and we definitely need to keep history in the CRM not lose the contact history over the years at the level of the company and then at level of contact.  "Active" vs. "Inactive" contacts could be a good way to qualify a contact who is no longer in the company.


I definitely would appreciate this feature being added. Even an additional lifecycle stage would be appreciated as "inactive" or subcategories for "Other."


Need this feature too. Hope HubSpot can make it happen!


Functionality to archive Deals would be fantastic.


I would also suggest that you can 'restore' Deals from archive back into the active list. Similar functionality can be found in Trello boards for archiving/un-archiving Cards.


Looking forward to updates.


I agree, this archiving option would help me because when we're closing deals as Lost, they are cluttering the pipeline.

So as a temporary solution, we've created a Lost Pipeline and we move all those deals to this pipeline to keep them away from the sales pipeline.


Agree, we have a large number of deals per company/year and would like a way of hiding them, whilst retaining the information/notes/attachment etc


We'd like to see this as an option as well.  Addtionally, we'd like to be able to archive them and not have them count toward our number of contact records active in our account.   Should they need to be "reactivated", they would count back into our total. 


I created a separate pipe line called Archived deals, with 2 stages, "won" or "lost". It doesn’t take long once a month by using filters on our standard pipeline to select all orders placed when last modified date is (30 days before) then move them to the appropriate deal stage on the other pipe line. Deals are kept, but out of the main pipeline view.