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Archive Objects (contacts, companies, deals, tickets)

It would be great to "archive" deals that have either been won or lost, so that they don't appear on the dashboard or deals table. This way you wouldn't lose the information from the deal and it would affect the figures on your deals dashboard.

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This seems like it should be a basic feature, especially since the original suggestion is now FIVE years old.


While there are many workarounds shown that use filtering, the biggest issue we're encountering is that filtering is absolutely useless if you're trying to log an email using an integrated tool. We use Hubspot for tickets and deals more than anything else. It's not unusual to have a history of a few dozen of either with a specific client. But when I go to send an email, I'm presented with a list of deals/tickets that have been closed for months. Ideally, being able to archive these would also keep them from being a logging option.


When is this basic feature going to be added?

It would be fantastic to see some progress on the Archiving request, as
previously mentioned - if HubSpot can retrieve a Deleted contact or company
within 3 months of it being deleted why oh why can't they provide an in
perpetuity Archiving option?


This would really eliminate the clutter if we could archive tickets, deals etc! Please reconsider implementaion.


Anyone heard or seen in progress on the Archiving long-term of Contacts or Companies?


To keep our data as clean as possible I'm having to delete Companies no longer in operation (either on 'hold' due to covid lack of business or gone out of operation) and Contacts who have left the country - yet we would like to retain their history in an Archive in case the contact or company comes back into operation.


It's such a basic feature.  We don't want anything involved like workflows and flags, just basic archiving long-term. As I've said before if we can delete and retreive within 3 months, why oh why won't HubSpot offer an archive and retreive facility?


I'm not sure why HubSpot offer this page for discussions when there is no response to requests for a long-term archiving facility!!!  I see the archiving issue was first tabled in 2017 and it's now near the end of 2022 with no progress.  Other CRM programmes such as Microsoft Dynamic offer the archiving with retreival in perpetuity.  We don't wish to delete contacts or companies, as I'd noted in an earlier post but to archive.  


I'm guess I'm just venting here which doesn't help fix our issue - it feels a bit like if you scream in space who'll hear you! 


Cheers until the urge hit's yet again to vent about what should be a simple solution to an issue tabled by more than one of the HubSpot community. 🙂


This is a crucial update. I need to archive inactive clients who may return. And tickets, and companies.

Every record my staff touch unessecarily is wasted time and watsed money. Hubspot, this is a duty of care issue to your client base.


Seems to me to be a basic feature


I would love to see some action on this. Yes you can filter out 'all closed' when on the object view, but there is no way to add these filters to the right-hand column in the record view, making that potentially useful section cluttered and unmanagable.


Also when trying to associate objects you get the full unfiltered list and there is no whay of telling which objects are current and which are closed.


Surely there has to be an easy fix to this.


@Dylan I wanted to check in on this. The original idea states to "archive objects," including Company and Contact records, which is much needed by my organization. We don't want to delete these records and their history, but I also don't want them cluttering up our database or needing us to build out a tedious exclusion workaround to skip over them (yes, I know we can set them as non-marketing, but I want to take it a step further).


Your reply, however, only mentions the ability to archive Deals. I personally don't have a use for this. 


So I was wondering if the original idea has been edited since you replied? If so, will your team please reconsider this functionality for other objects (Companies & Contacts)? It is frustrating to see the Archive functionality available in other areas, but not here at the core of HubSpot.


Wow. Just found this thread and I'm suffering from all of the issues the above users have. i.e. I want to keep the data so I can refer to it, but just not daily or in dropdowns, auto-completes etc. I mean, imagine the embarresment if I delete a contact / company and then next week one of my colleagues thinks they've "found a prospect" and starts the cycle again. PLEASE reconsider putting this on the roadmap @Dylan 


I hope that this feature will be reconsidered. The ability to archive object records would help manage our business.


We have a need to retain company and contact records weather it be because they retired, cancelled, or are no longer an employee at a business who is our client. A property can be easily missed, archiving them and making them unavailble for live activities would save us a great amount of effort.  

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Hi all! Amanda here from the Instrumental Apps team 👋 We've built a micro-app to automatically archive records based on your own criteria that works for both batch updates and ongoing updates. I'm looking for three beta testers to use the app for free in exchange for feedback. If you're interested, please email me at and I'll send you some brief instructions. 


Please reconsider! Archiving is one of the most basic functionalities of any database. Without it you cannot call yourself a serious player in my opinion.


Absolutely agree.


Our industry has constant change, having the ability to archive inactive contacts or other objects would be a game changer! Please reconsider this feature

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Hi there! We've built an app that is available in the marketplace to help you handle the archival of inactive or unnecessary records:


Let me know if you have questions or if I can help in some other way.