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Archive Objects (contacts, companies, deals, tickets)

It would be great to "archive" deals that have either been won or lost, so that they don't appear on the dashboard or deals table. This way you wouldn't lose the information from the deal and it would affect the figures on your deals dashboard.

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Still needed....


We are constantly running into this senario when one of our contacts is longer with the company.  Deleting them is not an option because we want to retain all the history of the deals they are associated.  I've trained our salespeople to replace the contact who has left the company with the new employee replacing them.  First adding their email address and making it the new primary and then replacing the first and last name with the current contact.  This retains all of the former communication you had so you keep that all important history.


I love an idea of having an inactive setting that will remove the contact from all workflows and does not count toward the total number of contacts you have in your database.


Yes please! We do not want to delete deals, but we would love to be able to archive deals to keep our boards neater. 


Hey Hubspot, it looks like this is a feature that has been requested for a couple of years now. Is it in the road map for the future? If not, do you have recommendations for any other type of workaround? Thanks!


Hi all - we've found a way to archive using existing HubSpot functionalities:


The first step is to create a checkbox property ("Left Company") for contacts.


Left Company property value is "Yes" in two scenarios:

1- Triggered manually: when a HubSpot user checks it because he learnt that the contact is no longer at the company (even if his email is still valid!)

2- Triggered automatically when email verification returns invalid emails

(be careful not to include email bounces as a third scenario; some emails might still be valid even when they bounce).


The "Yes" value sends all contacts to the "Archive" list and triggers workflows to update contact data.


The last step is to opt-out all contacts in the Archive list from your subscriptions, email campaigns, and workflows (depends on your HubSpot subscription).



Yes Please.

Our deals are mainly projects and so we invoice over several months.  Having a duplicate end stage like 'Closed - Servicing' is one solution, but I would still like to clean out the older deals once they have completed and we are nolonger active/invoicing on them.

Any idea if this Archive feature will be implemented for us soon?


support fully idea of archiving deals!! i was wondering why this functionality does not exist as it is a basic informatio of each account... pls prepare solution, many thanks!


I agree that an archive and redeploy feature that is integrated within hubspot.


Please let us archive deals.


any updates on this? would love to be able to archive deals from pipelines, but still have them available for reporting

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Upvoting this on behalf of a customer! Would be great to have the ability to archive deal pipelines instead of renaming them to "Unused - xx" for greater visibility. Archiving them removes the possibility that users can add deals to them accidentally! 


2 years later and customers are still requesting this feature. The suggested work arounds do not work for everyone unfortunately.


Following for any updates...


Same as everyone else. Shocking to see no response from the team even acknowledging why it's not been implemented after >2years.

HubSpot Product Team

Hello HubSpot Community, 

Thank you as always for your continued feedback, it helps us build a great product.

We are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating our priorities and roadmap to deliver as much value to our customers as possible. At this time the ability to archive deals is not something our team is currently planning to build natively into HubSpot. This is certainly subject to change in the future and we will update this idea if that becomes the case. 


We would like to see this feature implemented. It will help us keep our contacts database clean. Imagine a scenario where a company reaches out to a contact with occasional offers. They don't respond or unsubscribe. We might remove them from our mailing list after 12 months and archive them (they don't qualify as a Subscriber or a Lead). But if they reach out to us, or we find them via another network and they are interested, we'll reactive them. I'd like to know what we tried to engage them before. 


I would like to see the option to archive contacts and/or companies, as well.  


Hubspot is typically pretty responsive and intuitively knows what their customers need from feedback on forums like this.  How this thread, now going on for 3 years, could be so actively ignored is really challenging for me.  My assumption is that because payments are tied to # of active contacts in your database, Hubspot doesn't want to implement this obvious feature.  This is something that all people in the b2b world encounter, so it would only make sense.  Because their customers like us)may make the case that they shouldn't be paying for archived contacts that are not being used (fair case, by the way), they would lose significant revenue.


Hubspot: it's time to address this.  Perhaps there is a different way to layout the structure so that you don't lose money.  Your customers have been requesting this for years, and as a long time customer with 7+ years of a growing database, the inability to archive contacts without deleting them has allowed our database to morph out of control.  How do you deal with this in your own company database?  We need more input from your team and more solutions.


It beggars belief that so many people are requesting a feature that should be solved quite easily.


I'm going backwards and forwards trying to find solutions to a problem that doesn't need to exist. For all the CRMs and PM tools I have been accustomed to, archiving deals off a kanban board is just an absolute given.


Now I'm in a position similar to other users where I'm reconsidering importing our 3k Pipedrive deals (that I spent hours cleaning up for this purpose) when they will be flooding the view of our staff.


It's crazy.


I made a Community account to comment on this one. Of course they don't want to add this feature because it would actively hinder their pricing model, which is based on number of contacts. Once Hubspot customers reach their threshold, why provide an effective and very much so needed archive feature when they could just force the hand of their customer to upgrade their package? It's all a money grab and to see Dylan pretend to care when there are 3 years of Hubspot customers requesting this feature is a slap in the face to us loyal customers.