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Archive Defunct Products

We have a requirement to archive products that have become defunct.  Deleting them would impact historic dealfow reporting and is not a practical solution, so archiving products within the 'products & quotes' would be useful so that they don't display when someone is searching for a live product.


We have created an 'Archive' folder within products & quotes but the items within that folder are visible in search, meaning some team members often - unwittingly - select an archived product item.


We believe this would be a useful feature for other companies too.

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Agree- don't want to lose the history, but we also have products that are end-of-lifed as well and not just defunct. Archiving would give us the opportunity to maintain the historical info for reporting, but clean up all of the "noise" and opportunity for error that we currently have to deal with because we can't remove these products.


Completely agree and looking for the same thing. The functionality is there to organise products in folders and you can select line items from these folders but only when you edit a deal and add a line item at that point. It is not available when you create a deal in the first instance so is there not a way to enable at least the folder functionality at the point of creating new deals as a work around until the archive function is available?




100% agree- we are facing the exact same issue.

thx - we need to archive old products so that they cannot be used again without impacting the old deals.


Deleting them is not a viable option at all.


Seconded! Facing exactly the same issue you described.


Following, we'd love to see archived products and/or better use of the folder functionality when creating Quotes/Deals.


completely agree, it is so ineffective that we don't have this functionality 


Agree. We would also like to sort product folders.


I agree with this. We  currently can't hide/archive products and we can't delete products if we need them  fro reportnig. This makes it a roadblock when we want to change our products and our teams still ave full access to the old.


Agree, we have a major issue with sales team using old products in quotes. We need to keep them for reporting as well so we cannot delete.