Archive Contacts

Over time we accumulate contacts who are no longer active. Perhaps they've retired, changed jobs and industries, or passed away. Currently there appears to be two ways to handle these contacts in the CRM:

1. Delete them, or

2. Change their Lead Status (or a custom field) to "Unqualified" or similar.


The issue with the former is that all history with the contact is lost. Let's say they were the designer on a job (deal). If I delete that contact then I lose the reference in the Job's record indicating who the designer was on that project.


The issue with the latter is that I now need to create filters in various locations to filter out these "unqualified" contacts. For example, in Sales -> Views, or as an "exclude" category in marketing emails.


I would like to see an Archive feature that automatically implements these filters, removing the "archived" contact from workflows, views, emails, etc..., yet retains their "associated" links to deals (jobs) and is searchable.

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Am currently implementing Hubspot accross the organization and this is definitely a key feature that I'd like to see. It's creating friction between our Customer Success Team and Marketing efforts that we can't properly archive an old contact at a company.

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Using HubSpot for B2C in property and I have 17K inactive contacts and 3K active contacts. 


People don't buy a house every day but they might be buying anytime after they registered interest with us. 


We can't be deleting the records as we definitely want to retain the customer relationship. 

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I agree. We are in a B2B business and people move to different companies and we definitely need to keep history in the CRM not lose the contact history over the years at the level of the company and then at level of contact.  "Active" vs. "Inactive" contacts could be a good way to qualify a contact who is no longer in the company.

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I definitely would appreciate this feature being added. Even an additional lifecycle stage would be appreciated as "inactive" or subcategories for "Other."

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Need this feature too. Hope HubSpot can make it happen!