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Over time we accumulate contacts who are no longer active. Perhaps they've retired, changed jobs and industries, or passed away. Currently there appears to be two ways to handle these contacts in the CRM:

1. Delete them, or

2. Change their Lead Status (or a custom field) to "Unqualified" or similar.


The issue with the former is that all history with the contact is lost. Let's say they were the designer on a job (deal). If I delete that contact then I lose the reference in the Job's record indicating who the designer was on that project.


The issue with the latter is that I now need to create filters in various locations to filter out these "unqualified" contacts. For example, in Sales -> Views, or as an "exclude" category in marketing emails.


I would like to see an Archive feature that automatically implements these filters, removing the "archived" contact from workflows, views, emails, etc..., yet retains their "associated" links to deals (jobs) and is searchable.

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I want to Thumbs Up this as many times as possible! I encounter this a lot in my industry where people are so mobile and frequently go from company to company. I need to be able to make the name inactive, but keep the historic information on the deals, company to show that yes, we HAVE in fact been in touch with that company, but I also don't want to see that contact all the time under contacts and then have a newbie waste time trying to call them. 


Any info from Hubspot???

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10/10 do want!

Our industry has a lot of movement of staff between companies, so being able to archive a user at one company, but leave their new user record (with a new email domain) at the new company would be ideal!

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Hi, the archiving option is without any doubt essential. 


We created an interim process for the time being.


We ran verification reports periodically on our contacts emails and reference them with different status codes. Each code then initiates a workflow. For those who are invalid, they are added to a static list that is exported, stored and shared with all concerned parties. We delete all invalid contacts from HubSpot and keep the exported file as a reference. 



Elias R.


Agree, that could fix another issue related to pricing.


We use marketing and sales. Marketing charges based on number of contacts, but Sales does not. For Group A contacts, we use only Sales features, yet, since we have marketing activated, those contact count towards the marketing bill. So, virtually, for those contacts, a big account (using sales + marketing), we pay more for sales only than a small account (using sales only). 


With archived contacts, Hubspot could charge marketing based on the "non-archived" contacts and prevent those contacts from using marketing features.

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@VagaeNatus Awesome point but I think the main problem is that they are making so much money with the way its set up I doubt they are going to change this. There is a sneaky way of keeping contacts Archived but thats kinda a process. What they should really do us unlock the contact count to unlimited, but lock down the number of emails able to send per month with the marketing product.

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Yes! Please do add this feature - hugely needed

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Any update on this HubSpot?? 


We really need this feature and it's seriously lacking. There are contacts who have since left a company, but we don't want to lose any information about the dealings or communication with them, as this will be really helpful to deal with the person replacing their position.


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I agree that this is a needed feature. The current options are not sufficient. The ability to mark a contact as Inactive rather than opting them out or deleting the record is standard in most CRMs. We need a way to preserve the history when a contact leaves a company, with a tag that can easily be filtered out for communications. Ideally, users would also not be charged for Inactive contacts. HubSpot could prevent users from taking advantage of that by not allowing emails to be sent to inactive contacts until they were made active again.

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This is absolutely needed, and the previous comments about needing it due to EU GDPR regs is spot on. We CANNOT delete this information. We should be able to have a way to archive these, and not have them count against our contact count. This feature should be applicable to both contacts as well as companies. 

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Agreed - hubspot needs to make this happen for the points given.