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Archive Contact

It would be great to be able to Archive a Contact and remove them as a current contact for a business and/or deal.


I CONSTANTLY run into the issue where someone left the company and is no longer there.  I want to keep the info/notes and everything associated w/ that contact linked to the company or deal, but no need to have the contact show up in my contact list. It would be great to still be able to use that data in ongoing correspondence with the company or whomever took over.


This would also solve the issue of needing an email for a contact.  If that person is no longer there, you can't go into their contact and delete the email address.  HubSpot MAKES you include an email address for contacts.  So everytime I send an email I either get a bounce or out of office reply.

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A million times YES! To this idea request.  I have tried many things to solve for this exact problem and an "archive" or "inactivate" action for contacts would be great!  It would maintain communication strings and notes for the role/position but allow for two sets of company contacts, 1 active, 1 inactive.  Thanks @HeyJoe for sharing this idea.


Hard agree with this! This is exactly what we're looking for with my company as well.