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Approval process in Social Media Content Calendar

Right now we have clients who have access to the social media content calendar, but we do not use it for scheduling posts because it does not have a function for them to approve them or make comments/suggestions.


We could leave them as drafts and have them schedule the post if approved, but if there were any changes or edits they would like to have made there are no areas for those comments or notifications that we would receive. 


Essentially, if we had these capabilities we would no longer need a tool we use called Gain for this process, and everything would be housed within HubSpot.

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Yes please!! 

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This is available for Enterprise, here is the idea from 2017 where it was delivered so you can review it, and here is the knowledge base article explaining the approval process.


I do think it would be valuable to include the comment feature (add comments to assets) for social media posts.


This idea is currently being reviewed to include notifications for the approval process.


There's another similar idea here from 2021 just with less detail.


With all of that said, I do agree that an approval process for social should at least be included at the Professional level and not exclusive to Enterprise.


If HubSpot doesn't want to develop a more robust social tool, then focusing on improving integrations with other social tools would be great - like allowing them to pull in posts directly to the calendar, leverage their approvals, etc.


@Jnix284 Thanks for the information! I agree, I think the comment portion is really the most valuable piece that we could use. Currently, we use Gain for approvals and comments and it has an automatic workflow option where once the approver signs off on it - it launches on the social media platform. Luckily, we can still report on it since HubSpot pulls in the information even when not posted within the CRM now. 


An integration would also be nice, but I don't think it would change my current workflow much unless it could show what is scheduled maybe? I know we want other teammates to know what is getting posted and when for better interaction and sharing - so actually that could also be helpful!

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Would be great across at least Pro hubs, if not all.