Approval Process for new file uploads

We would like to put a media asset database inside HubSpot to use it internatioanlly (we have 19 subsidiaries), using the files feature. To ensure good care of this platform, we need an approval process, so the Super Admin gets a notification after someone uploads a new asset into the files. If not, everyone can upload any file they want which might end in chaos and not wanted marketing pictures.

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I like this

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Yes... and it would also nice to be able to set granular file permissions, i.e.:

Team A can only upload files in folder 1, and read from folder 1 and 2

Team B can only upload files in folder 2, and read from folder 1,2 and 3

superadmins can do everything

all other users can only upload files into folder 3

no user (except superadmins) can create new folders or upload files into the root (this will be a GREAT way to keep the root clean and the file hierarcy well organized

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Another though: it would be useful to be able to setup approval workflows also for file deletion... in order to be sure that nobody breaks some published link by removing or moving a file

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We need granular file permissions. Even with training, users consistently upload files to the root folder and the system gets cluttered. Agreed on file deletion as well @rpiola. I've had to restore an off-site backup due to someone simply deleting an entire folder.