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Approval Process for Social Media Posts (with Notifications)

HubSpot needs to have an approval process for Social Posts that send notifications for post approval to authorized users.

  1. User A drafts a post and submits it for approval
  2. User B gets a notification (email, slack, push, sms etc) that an approval is pending
  3. User B can approve or deny post
Status aktualisiert zu: In Planning
September 12, 2023 10:17 AM

May 20, 2020 06:58 AM

Hi everyone, 
My name is Jacqui and I am the product manager of social. I wanted to reach out regarding the update to this idea being marked as "being review." Thank you to everyone who has upvoted this idea, shared your use cases, and added your thoughts and opinions over the past several years. We are currently implenting some technical changes that will allow for this feature idea to come to life in the future. 
The ideas forum is one of many channels through which we receive feedback at HubSpot in conjunction with a number of other sources, including user testing, and in app-feedback. As you can imagine, the amount of feedback we get across all feedback channels is massive, so while ideas are very critical, they are a piece of the data that we consider when prioritizing new features.
Please know that we are here and are listening in the ideas forum, and most importantly we would like to say thank you for your feedback and patience with this feature. 

Status aktualisiert zu: Being Reviewed
May 18, 2020 06:47 PM

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@jacquimalis I would also love to be involved in a private beta if possible. This is critical for companies that need a legal team to review certain posts or to help new hires learn the dos/don't before pushing something live for the world to see. 


Wanted to throw my hat in the ring as well and say we (as a 100 person company) would love to see this feature as well as we scale.


I totally agree with this.  Additionally, User B should be able to have options on next steps such as: 

  • Post
  • Deny with request for team member A to make certain changes and resubmit for approval
  • Request approval from user C

Any updates here?


Agreed - this is a feature that a lot of other social platforms offer. As we use Hubspot for a lot of other things we wanted to keep everything in one platform so we moved off Sprout Social. Would really like to see social post approval become a feature for Hubspot to put it more inline with other social media management tools.

Mitglied | Partner

This is such a basic feature for social posting.  Has it been implemented yet?


We really need this! Does anyone even have a hack on how we could do this with a task or workflow?


How is it possible to sell a CMS as "Enterprise" and not have even the most basic ability for a company to have some sort of approval process for blogs & emails.


In review since May 2020? This needs to be there for sure. Any team that has more than 1 person in the team will need to use this feature.!!


This would be extremely helpful for our organization. The ability for our internal users to send social media post drafts for written approval to upper management would enhance processes.


This would be extremely beneficial for having upper management approve social media posts drafted by internal users.


Definitely need this feature. I'm trying to impelement a contraolled publsihing environment for sales staff and this would be crucial for us to have! Honestly, surprised this isn't already in HubSpot.


Would really like the opportunity to add approvers and set up an approvals process to the social module.


@jacquimalis @Daria @roisinkirby Any update on when we might see a social media approval process? We just recently switched from Sprout Social, which has a great customizable approval workflow system that would be extremely valuable for Hubspot to adopt or integrate with. 


Actually desperate for this. Having to use content cal on top of HS is a real pain.


Any update on this?




Has anyone found a solution to this? We are coming from Sprout Social, which has customizable approval workflows and is extremely user friendly so we are needing some typer of solution for Hubspot.  Anyone know if Sprout Social is able to integrate the content calendar? If we could do the whole appoval and calendar creation in Sprout, then export it and import it in to Hubspot, has anyone tried this? Or something similiar? 

Mitwirkender/Mitwirkende | Diamond Partner

We would love to see this! Adding comments and a smooth approval process, tickets or tasks could even play a role in this. Would love to beta if this goes into development! Thanks!


I also would love to have this feature available. It would make the social process with clients so much easier when creating/planning and approving. Would LOVE to be a Beta for this feature. 


Love this idea! We were looking for this today!