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Apply multiple refine by filters to contact properties

I would like to be able to apply multiple refine-by filters to contact properties when creating lists and workflows. Example specific use-case:


Contacts actively browsing specific content. 

Contact has visited URL containing []

Refine by number of times 4x

further refinement: in the last week


Currently it is impossible to make this statement, I can only isolate based on numbe of times or date. Using either of those options on their own only tells me that the lead has viewed a page right now. The 4x views could be today, or 2 years.

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This would also be helpful for similar refinement based on last contacted property - allowing automation to exclude a contact if sales has contacted multiple times in the last week.


This would enable us to use pageviews as scoring criteria as well.

eg. visited pricing page >5 times within the last 7  days.


Would also be great for scoring and sending follow-ups based on immediate interest.


Contact has filled out form(s)

Refine by number of times 3x

further refinement: in the last day


We really would need this feature, it would help a lot in for example lead scoring.



Contact has completed event "Login" in last 14 days X times.

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Yes, it's silly that the two Refine by options are mutually exclusive.


I'm trying to create criteria like

"has visited the pricing page at least 2 times in the last 30 days" 


Use cases

  • Decaying lead score criteria based on amount of clicks, page views, etc. within a certain time frame (1 pricing page view in the last 30 days means nothing. 2+ times within a month however...)
  • Trigger a workflow based on web behaviour. Same pricing page example: 3+ pricing page views within a week triggers an email & notification to sales. Can't build this trigger as it stands right now.
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Absolutely agree this is a big downfall currently.

All examples on this thread are relevant.