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Apply discounts for a limited time directly in the Quotes

Hi there, I would like to implement discounts on monthly subscriptions but for a limited time (the first 6 or 12 months) to revert back to the full price afterwards. Apprently, there is no easy way to do that currently in the Quotes. (We are using the Quotes as "contracts" with our customers since we are a SaaS company with no long term contracts).

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I second this! I need this functionality in payment links for my business, as my company membership fee provides a 20% discount for the first 12 months, after which the standard rate should pick up. I could even pre-write  a reminder email to my clients and schedule it before the rate change so they're not surprised by it. 


I contacted Hubspot support about this, they recommended I create an idea ticket for this, but apparently it already exists here. I will share this post with the Support contact I've been talking with. 

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Limited time discounts could be HUGE for promotions / recurring customer perks etc. Would love to see this.


Yes, we need this asap. It would make it so much easier and keep it more professional!