Append new values to multiple checkbox property instead of overwriting previous values



When using a multiple checkbox property in a form, the user inputs overwrite any previous data in this property. This is a major flaw in many cases.


Should be:

When creating the form, we should have the ability to choose if the new values should overwrite the old values or if they should be appended to the old values.

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Also running into the same issue. Want to capture an "interest" or "topics" relating to landing page to help profile the users. However, the multiple check box property clears existing values. 

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yes amazing idea!


This also happens with integrations like Zapier and even your own imports. There's no way to functionally update multi-select properties other than manually or through a workflow, rendering them extremely tedious. This would be a valuable improvement.


+1 feature request.


I've just spent two days exporting and processing data from Mailchimp, created a custom property for the Mailchimp "tags", imported each tag list and then discovered that HubSpot can only append the values via Workflows if you have the Professional (with quite the price jump). Additionally, our web forms are now rendered fairly useless in terms of updating tags as each submission overrites all other tags.