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App that enable Higley customized cards to related objects

I'm thinking about a feature or marketplace app for this idea....


use case:

I have a custom object for example “site Interactions” which is related to Contact object. From contact view I can see the custom object record in the card on the right hand side of the view. The card shows total related records in the object.
The custom object has 6 types of interaction records.
Goal is to customize the card view so that when clicked to expand it will display the total count of each interaction type.   
Then click on the count for a given type - opens a filtered list view which displays key fields for the Contact interactions of the type I clicked. (Page, duration on page, etc)


thisnis a specific use case gets me thinking an app that allows for grayer extensibility and customization of the cards feature could be helpful to MANY HubSpot subscriber Orgs