App integratuion for registrant/attendee lists from Microsoft Teams


I know the HubSpot dev guys are already in Beta for adding Microsoft Teams links to HubSpot emails and setting notifications - this is a separate request.

Microsoft Teams have recently started allowing the download of attendee lists and I understand it is imminent that they will introduce their own registration form. I guess this is Teams equivalent of holding webinars in their platform. 

My request:
Can we get a plugin - that works the same way as the Zoom app integration so that we can choose which events we would like to Sync. We do about 40 webinars a month and I see that the importation of webinars held in Teams will become a bigger requirement in our organisation. We'd like to be able to automatically pull in all registrants/attendees of a Teams event in the same way we currently do for Zoom.

Thank you for your consideration.

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That will be great, Sherie! Thanks for proposing it. 


Great suggestion!


Teams Webinar is what I must start using at my work within the next 3 months. I'm dreading running webinars without the ability to sync a Hubspot form with a Teams Webinar. Please make this happen. Thank you!


Many companies will move to Teams Webinars in the near future, as it is the dominant player in the collaboration market.

So a connector, similar to the GoToWebinar one, is the way forward to the integration of you marketing automation, and webinar registraions