App integration for registrant/attendee lists from Microsoft Teams


I know the HubSpot dev guys are already in Beta for adding Microsoft Teams links to HubSpot emails and setting notifications - this is a separate request.

Microsoft Teams have recently started allowing the download of attendee lists and I understand it is imminent that they will introduce their own registration form. I guess this is Teams equivalent of holding webinars in their platform. 

My request:
Can we get a plugin - that works the same way as the Zoom app integration so that we can choose which events we would like to Sync. We do about 40 webinars a month and I see that the importation of webinars held in Teams will become a bigger requirement in our organisation. We'd like to be able to automatically pull in all registrants/attendees of a Teams event in the same way we currently do for Zoom.

Thank you for your consideration.

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That will be great, Sherie! Thanks for proposing it. 


Great suggestion!


Teams Webinar is what I must start using at my work within the next 3 months. I'm dreading running webinars without the ability to sync a Hubspot form with a Teams Webinar. Please make this happen. Thank you!


Many companies will move to Teams Webinars in the near future, as it is the dominant player in the collaboration market.

So a connector, similar to the GoToWebinar one, is the way forward to the integration of you marketing automation, and webinar registraions


Hi all - I would love to see this happen as well. We are moving from GoToWebinar to Teams for webinars. For the last several months, we have synced data between platforms, and have also used this with HubSpot forms so that folks only have to sign up once.



@Evan_Brenner thanks for adding your thoughts to this. Question for you, when you say that you have "synced data between platforms", do you mean between GoToWebinar and Teams? If so, how did you accomplish this? Thanks!

Status updated to: In Beta
HubSpot Product Team

Hi All 


Thanks for your patience, and continued interest in our MicroSoft Team's integration. 

We are working with MicroSoft to get some final approvals in place to launch our initial features. 

We are planning to roll out the integration soon and I will update this thread when we have confirmed our launch date. 

*Note that Webinars functionality will not be part of the initial launch as this is in our coming development cycles - we hope to share this with you soon, and I will keep this post updated on progress. 





Thanks for the update, Patrice
This is great progress! 
* Please do add the webinars functionality as soon as is practically possible. Our IT department - probably like a lot of IT departments - are keen to have one secure network rather than multiple webinar platforms that hold and transfer PII. Having invested so much in Microsoft Teams and HubSpot they are keen for us to use all the features and phase out everything else.

Best wishes


Thank you @poconnell!! And I will reitterate the need for the Teams Webinar sync. 


@Crystal_Hopper good afternoon! In this instance, I was referring to syncing data between GoToWebinar and HubSpot. When hosting events via GTW, we sync the data so that a registrant or attendee only has to enter their information once. 


With Microsoft heavy focus on Teams including making it a part of Windows11 integration with Teams Webinar is going to be a basic requirement.  Having just started with Hubspot it is a shock that integration not there.  We will use Teams Webinar as a company policy so need to be able to have registrations once and mirrored in Hubspot or registered in Hubspot and then integrated into teams.   As short term fix as we will not have attendees greater than 20-30 can Hubspot give us a workaround to get registrations in teams into Hubspot without manually entering them?  Is there a batch file that can be created?


We also being pushed into using Teams for webinars.

Can you give us a little clue @poconnell the kind of time frame we might be talking about - 1H 2022 or...?