Annual revenue calculated based on either rolling or static date range

I'd really like to be able to do the following, from a customer segmentation point of view:


Create a calculated property in which we can display:

Number of deals associated in a 12 month rolling (or static) set of dates (for instance, "total revenue within the last 12 months" vs "total revenue this calendar year")


This revenue would be calculated by doing a summary of deal totals (or deal subtotals, depending on selection made.)


This would allow us to qualify customers into (or out of) having a KAM or Dedicated Sales Rep, depending on their spend with our company.


Additionally, this would allow us to trigger events, for instance, maybe if we were to store annual revenue on a seperate property for each or rolling timeframe, if spending at months 24-13 > 12-1 rolling date range, indicate a decrease in spending and trigger a follow-up task for a representitive to reach out to figure out why they are spending less with us than before.


This could be massive and leveraged accross significant business segments using HubSpot. Quite honestly, it's amazing we don't yet have these abilities, given the insight this can give into trends of customer spending to indicate pre-churn.