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Annual billing frequency inhibits flexible terms - Line items

Hubspot Line item editor does not allow flexible terms when Billing Frequency = Annual, is selected.

This is a major incovenience when our internal price list for our subscription products is defined for a 12month term,


In my industry, we sell any flexible term there is and invoice once a year for any 'yearfrac' duration there is remaing.


E.g. we sell a 18 month term for a product with list price = 100.


Then we have:


Duration is 18 months = 1.5 years
2 billing events

1st years invoice is 100,

2nd years invoice is 50.

This system limitation should be removed. Not every saas product is billed monthly or as a one-off, so this standardization is very inconvinient for larger saas portfolios. I'd have to convert my list price to a monthly price in order to work with Hubspot CPQ line editor, that's just bad user experience.

I've configured a 12 month list price using Salesforce CPQ which worked just fine.

Furthermore, there is NO reason this would skew the measures calculated above.

ACV = 100, TCV = 150, ARR = 150/(18/12), MRR = 100/12

Seems somebody just made a legacy decision and users are suffering for it.