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Annual automated tasks or reminders

I need to be able to create an automated workflow or task. 

So that on the 1st of Jan every year. Every deal that is in a particular pipeline will have a financial statement printed.

I know this can be dont for contacts but i need to be able to be done per deal. As clients could potentially have multiple deals, but only the deals inside a certain piple line need financial statement and the financial statement relates to the particular deal. 

I also cant see anyway to make it reoccur every year. Unless I speciically make a workflow for jan 1 2020, jan 1 2021, jan 1 2022, jan 1 2023, jan 1 2024, jan 1 2025, jan 1 2025 etc

The issue with this is when do i stop? and what happens if i leave the company and the workflow doesnt get updated and the whole part of the system is forgotten about. This is part of compliance so it must be set up correctly. 

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I have had a similar problem— I have multiple dates throughout the year that I need to remember for specific mailers to specific groups of people.


I like the idea of a date-based workflow so these dates are all listed in one seamless place. If delays can be set so that the next internal email notification is sent on specific dates throughout the year, and the workflow can recur annually, that would be phenomenal. SO, perhaps the solution is simply adding a more date- specific delay. 


If that were possible, the next question is how to trigger the workflow. We have a more general email that is for the department as a whole, and in attempts to make the above happen, I made it a contact in the database so the workflow would be triggered by it's own, specific, criteria. This is a sort of roundabout way to do it (and maybe there is already a solution that I don't know about), so if a workflow could be started without a trigger, that would be ideal. 


If it is better for the community, though, annual tasks should work just as well to solve the problem.


Hey @Kierlyn Can you give me an example of what you want to do?

You can create time stamps on your contact and deals and trigger off those dates. You can even set a delay but im not entirely sure what you are wanting to do. 


I'm looking for annual business-specific dates (not based on contact properties). For example, I want a reminder/task December 5th to send out Christmas cards, one on May 14th to update contact records, etc. and I'd like them repeated every year. It isn't contact specific because I need the reminder for ALL contacts (like you have with the financial statement) at one time (and therefore need only one reminder).


I ended up putting the dates in my google calendar, repeated annually, with email reminders. Simple solution, but it would be nice to put it in Hubspot.