Annoying reminder re: sequence step customization -- create option/feature to shut this off

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*CRM users have to click through this prompt every time they launch a Sequence (painful and the lost time/productivity becomes pretty staggering for regular Sequence users). 

*There's no value to the user after they've seen this prompt just a few times (users get your simple point after being told just once or twice). You're only slowing down and impeding the effectiveness of your users after the first few reminders (i.e., you have a feature that creates negative leverage for the user, which is roughly the oppositie of what any good technology should do).

*I recommend giving users the option to turn off this reminder.

*Alternatively, after a small number of consecutive instances of a user sending Sequences (e.g., after, say,  launching 3 sequences within a 24 hour period), the prompts should automatically turn off.

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Hi! I agree that this is a popup that should be able to disable. It just adds an unnecessary click. Please help us out!

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I would like the ability to disable/enable this pop up as well.  I believe that most of the pop ups are useful, however we should have an option whether we want them on or off.  In this case, we set up a sequence that is already customizing on it's own so I don't need a reminder to customize it.  Please give us the option to turn on/off reminders/notification pop ups.



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It takes 5 clicks and more than 10 seconds to set a sequence running PER CONTACT which is total madness. This feature must be optimised. It feels like Hubspot are making it as difficult as possible to avoid people using the feature effectively and pushing people towards the marketing upgrade.


If you want user adoption, you must reduce the number of clicks users need to make everywhere possible.

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yes please please please!  

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HubSpot Product Team
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Outstanding, thanks!