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Android HubSpot App for Mobile

One of the most highly requested features on the old Ideas board (http://ideas.hubspot.com/forums/76407-general-hubspot-ideas/suggestions/7123028-new-crm-mobile-app-a...). The team are currently working on bringing the iOS experience onto the Android platform as well. Stay tuned as we will be releasing some juicy sneak-peaks soon!

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jlanther New Contributor | Gold Partner
New Contributor | Gold Partner

Hi Vishnu


Any news about the Android app yet?

Occasional Contributor

I am waiting for the app as well


HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hey all - I just wanted to provide an update that went out to everyone on our Android Early Access Group. In case anybody missed it, the message is below:


My name is Jonathan and I am the Product Manger for the HubSpot Mobile Team. I wanted to thank you for signing up to our Android Early Access Group and give you an update on our progress.


We've just finished the design process for our new Android CRM App and it is now in the early stages of development. We expect a BETA of this to be available in February 2017.


Our goal here is to ultimately bring a single HubSpot App to Android - similar to what we launched on iOS last month:



We're making a long-term commitment to both iOS and Android development and once we get the new app built you can expect regular improvements and new features.

I'll be back in touch again in January with another update. Give us some time and we'll give you a great mobile experience on Android...



Let me know if you have any questions and I would encourage everybody to sign up to the Early Access Group for Android here.


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Hi is there an update on this?


... Also, why are there no dates on the thread replies? I can't tell when this last reply was published (or any of them...).



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With the Beta HubSpot app now available for Android, but limited to working with only phone devices...is there any chance of getting a tablet version for Android?

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Please consider prioritizing creating a version of the Android app that works for tablets. Tablets are a critical sales tools for many of our clients and at least two of our HubSpot clients.


HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hey @MikeMonnin and @karen, the beta Android App should work on tablets too now. Mind you the app is not optimised for tablet use just yet (eg: you won't get split pane view etc), but you can use it on your tablet device!

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Confirmed.  It is now working on our Android tablets.

Now the focus has shifted to support for Deals, which is required for us to do our forecasting and logging of proposals.

Community Manager
Community Manager
updated to: In Beta
HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

The app is currently in beta. Please download here.