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Android App support for internal notes and mentions within the conversations inbox

In the HubSpot web portal, there's the ability to write an internal note and mention/tag a colleague in the conversations inbox.


Customer success managers spend their time in the conversations inbox, so if they need to make an internal note, for example, copy in a link to a bug ticket from jira, they have an option to have this in the email where the issue stands. Or for example, there is a need often to write a specific note in the conversation for a colleague before assigning the conversation to them so that they know what they should do. Also being able to tag/mention a colleague so that they get a notification is available. The option to upload a screenshot in the internal note is also good for explaining the issue easier.


This is not supported in the Android HubSpot app, which is used quite a lot by many customer success managers worldwide. Sadly, they cannot make good use of the Conversations tool and collaborate with their team because of this. CSMs need to get to Desktop computer just to properly use Conversations via the web portal.


Please add this feature to the Android HubSpot app, to have feature parity with the Conversation tool in the web portal, and to make the Conversations tool vastly more useful for teams.