Analyzing Snippets

It would be very helpful to be able to analyze the use and the response rate to Snippets (that contain a link for example).

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And additionally it would be good, if we would be able to add CTAs to Snippets. I did not find this option. Is that possible? Thanks! 

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Man this has to be a feature soon. I was using snippets but I really want to be able to track them. I use them to pass off leads within a thread and I'd love to track that

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I would also love to be able to see reports of which users sent out snippets and snippets sent over certain time periods. 

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Totally aggree - would love to have this !

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Yep have to agree here.


As becoming more data driven is the end goal here it is super important to be informed what kind of snippets actually get used (do more of those) and which don't (get rid of those)