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Analyze Tickets by Customer - sorting and filtering

We use the tickets and conversations inbox for managing customer support tickets. The end user emails to one of our associated customer emails that is customer specific. We have about 30 email addresses that end users could send emails to us right now, depending on what associated customer/company network they are using.


We would like to be able to analyze the support volume and response rates from end users after our response, for each individual customer. In the metrics, it would be helpful to have a filter by "from email" i.e. what address the user sent the email to OR by "Conversation created from email via [this address].


Ultimately this would be helpful on a main dashboard where I could see a bar chart or similar showing volumes seperated by each account and then be able to filter and dial down to individual if needed.


Happy to hop on a live call with the product development team to share in more detail!

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Great idea! This would be a gamer changer for reporting and metrics. Providing customers with the ability to receive a curated report allows the customer to pivot, plan and strategize where needed. I would love to see this idea built out.