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Analytics for the number clicks on a pop up form Callout button

I am using a pop-up form where visitors can click on the register now button and then be directed to registration page. However, in the form analytics i see the no. of views but not the no. of clicks. I would like no. of clicks feature to be added in this type of pop-up. Also if we could track the individual who clicked would be helpful because i could use rules to not show the pop-up to a person who has clicked the (Register Now) call-out button and then filled the directed page registration form. Below are the screenshots for reference.


Pop up form- Callout buttonPop up form- Callout buttonPop-up analyticsPop-up analytics

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This functionality would definitely make these pop ups an incredibly valuable tool!


I would also like to know the number af click-throughs in order to create workflows based on who clicked. The click-through is more important than the number of views.