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An "undo import" button

I know we can create a list or use the created-on property, but it would be nice if there were a simple "undo last import" button for beginners who import a list of contacts or companies they need to redo.

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Hello, I agree with that suggestion and I need the same here.

For example, if for some mistake we import a list of PRODUCTS, it is impossible to UNDO that process unless we go manually deleting 20 by 20 products each time. Very sad and time consuming...


We definitely need this. I just exported some contacts from one account and imported them into another account.... just to realize that it has "updated" existing contacts! Now I need to clean that mess up.. not impossible, but very time consuming, even for 60 contacts.

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It would be great to have an undo feature where it restores a backup version of the objects in the CRM.