An option to delete tags from the knowledge base


Once a tag is created in the Knowledge Base it can't be deleted. So misspelled or out of date tags can still be used by the article creators. It doesn't affect the visitor/viewer of the articles, but keeping things clean and organized is a must in tools like HubSpot.

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Yes, I have the same issue. Madness. Please let us delete tags and keywords


I also have an issue with not being able to remove knowledge base tags. My organization are wanting to start adding Time-critical knowledge base articles and the only solution is via the tags. This could result in hundreds if not thousands of tags which after their date will never be used and so will clutter the frequently used ones. It is surprising, that this is not an option, especially where it is possible to remove Marketing blog tags.



Today, if I make a typo or decide to want to edit a Knowledgebase Tag, it requires contacting the support team.