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Amount in company currency at the Product level

It would be very useful to have an automatically calculated property ate the Product level that converts the Product Amount (or Total Contract Value) to the company currency. Just like there is the 'Amount in company currency' at the Deal level. 
When using cross reports with Deals & Products, we cannot use the 'Amount in company currency' because it get duplicated for each Product in the Deal. And properties at the Product level like 'Total Contract Value' are in different currencies. So if my report is displaying the 'Total Contract Value' of a multi currency base it will show:

US$ 1,000.00 + R$ 1,000.00 = $ 2,000.00

For now I have one report for each currency and that's something I want to avoid in the future.

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I also agree that this is a big problem with Hubspot. Being able to report rolled-up numbers at the company currency from the line item level is something my executive team is constantly asking me for and I always have to calculate it manually for them. With Salesforce, all currency fields can be reported as a "Converted" value which shows that value at the company currency.

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This is a real problem with the teams I work with too, as we cannot report on differing line item type (software vs services) totals across different currencies, and not to mention the lack of automatic currencies!

Given this is a long existing, built in feature for Deal objects, I'd have thought it would be relatively easy to roll out to line items too?


It's very surprising that this doesn't exist out of the box in Hubspot. Has anyone figured out a workaround solution? I figure i might be able to do it with 8-10 custom calculaiton properties, but I am limited to 5 of those properties at the moment. Hoping someone has figured out a simplified solution that I haven't considered yet.

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We managed to work around this with custom integration. A webhook triggers the integration, sent via HubSpot Workflows, whenever a Deal's "Amount" or "Total Contract Value" (property based on line items TCV) is updated. 
* If you have the Operations Hub, you could do this using Custom Codes within the workflow, without sending webhooks.


The custom integration:

1. List Line Items IDs associated with the Deal

2. Read Line Items properties 

3. Calculate the Line Item's "TCV in company currency" based on the Line Item's TCV and conversion rates established in the integration code

4. Update each Line Item's with it's amount in company currency in the property "TCV in company currency"

The conversion rates are exactly the same as the rate set up in HubSpot Currency settings. This has been working well and matching the Deal's "Amount in company currency". 


Hi @matheusjiran 

This sounds interesting! What would that code look like?


Hi @matheusjiran would love to see example of how that works in Ops Hub!