Amending Date Range for Meetings Report - Dashboard



Could we get the Date Range for the Meetings Report on the Dashboard adjusted?  Right now you can select a range of dates but what I do not see without daily editing is:


Rolling Date Range

- Options - Next 7 Days, Next 2 Weeks, Next Month, Next Quarter


The only options are all in the past and not very useful for planning and visualization.  Selecting all meetings in teh month sort of works but as the month heads on, you see weeks of completed meetings before you can see what is on your roster this week.







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It is the section that ways  "When a meeting can be scheduled" HubSpot currently only allows the minimum to be "This and next week"

We would love it if the rolling time frame was completely customizable and you could select a number (1-24) and specify the units (hours, days, weeks)

We use a 2 day maximum because when our customers book further out we see show up rate drop drasticly.

We could manually select the next two days but the challenge with that is we do a rolling 2 days so then we would have to change it every day to the next two days.

This literally costs us thousnads of dollars since we have to use an external software and piece it together with Zapier. (not to mention all the headaches with tracking and atribution)