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Alternative payment options in Quotes please

Hi there, I understand the only payment option available in Quotes is Stripe. 
We need other payment options - such as PayPal to be able to process online payments. 

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I agree the stripe processing fees are high and most companies have online stores that already are linked to a payment provider.  It would be better to be able to redirect quotes to an online payment page of your choosing

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I agree, having an option for a client to enter ACH details be able to set up a bank payment would make much more sense than having to allow credit card payments for high value sales. This would be great for once off and recurring payments.


QBO offers this as an option for $10 a payment and it would be great if that sort of option was available on the quote.

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This is a surprise to learn there is only one payment option. Payment definitely needs to be separated from quotes to be a module where users can customize options. SMBs don't want to have multiple credit card payment relationships and may already have a provider. And as noted, the high-value items of a manufacturer selling $100K+ at a time makes this seem ridiculous.


Yes! We also need the ability to choose invoice with terms as a payment option