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Allowing ticket properties in contact workflow

Hi! Writing this for a customer here.

When a ticket changes stages, there will be times when different emails need to be sent out to different stakeholders. Currently under ticket automation, we only allow emails to be send out to all contacts associated with the ticket.

We do have associated deal/ activity for contact workflow > wondering why we don't have one for associated tickets? Would be great if we can implement this!

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Yes this was very shocking that this didn't exist. Contact has workflows based off of almost everything EXCEPT tickets. We would also like to have workflows to mark our post sales customer journey based off of tickets where we carry out our onboarding and ongoing support





YEp, we are struggling because this doesn't exist. We use AirCall for calls and we need to differentiate between inbound/outbound calls for a workflow to work. But that property doesn't go to Hubspot, so the workaround is to auto-create ticket for inbound calls only. But then we need a contact-based workflow that would know about the ticket. And they don't. Disappointing...

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This is much needed!

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Adding a vote of support to this idea. We would love to have the most recent ticket submission properties associated with and available for contact-based workflows. The use case is for creating contact workflows that send marketing emails to and engage with the contact based on the values submitted when a new ticket is created. We would also like to create external tasks in our PM system when a ticket is created and use the values from the ticket submission to personalize the task name and description. 


Upvoting this too and adding my use case as I'm sure others have experienced this.

I would like to match SDR/Contact Owner on the Contact to the Ticket Owner, but currently unable to pull the ticket property into my workflow. The situation is: a prospect reaches out to support and starts talking to an SDR via a ticket, and then that prospect fills out a form, I would love to route that form fill to the Ticket Owner as they are already talking to them.


Upvoted as well! We need to use ticket-based and contact-based details together in internal emails to notify specific team members of new ticket creations. Some of those users are not in Hubspot, and they simply just need an email to go off of. 


Its a pain as we can create these emails but we cant apply them to any type of workflow. 


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I don't understand why the Contacts-based workflows are so limited compared to other objects (no custom object support either). Thought the Ticket object and its properties would be useable as triggers since it is an OOTB HubSpot object.


Very shocking that this didn't exist, too 🙈