Allowing Workflow Re-Enrollment for Company Properties


Allow company property changes to re-enroll contacts into workflows. Currently no company properties can be used as re-enrollment criteria, so although we can use a workflow once to set company record data, we can't do it again.

All of our major relationship data is stored on the company record, so not being able to update company record dynamically through workflows has severely limited our use of the Companies module.

I've done as much as I can through workaround processes (I make the contact record the master for some activities, which allows me to always copy-paste and run functions to the company record, but it would be so much more straightforward to just allow workflow re-enrollment based on Company property changes.

Maybe make it an advanced feature that you have to request to enable; I know a feature like this could cause a lot of data integrity and repetition issues if there's a lot of contacts associated with one company, but I know how to engineer around that. C'mon help us advanced users out with our company automation!

Ps, y'all do wonderful work. Never get discouraged with these boards because HubSpot, today, is already an incredible product. Thank you for all your hard work.

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I am also interested in this fucntion. At the moment I use lists, properties and severl W.Fs to tweak it (an it works) but would be much more easy having the re-enrollement active!!!


Agree on the HubSpot product statement above ..super happy with it 🙂 



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Very interested here as well. 


We've started better utilizing tasks in Hubspot and we'd like to assign tasks against companies in some cases.


An example is the prospecting side. Now we have to go through the list to see which companies don't have a contact associated. We'd rather setup a workflow to assign a task to reach out to a company when we have enough visits and page views from them.


Definitely needed!


I would love that feature! We need it to sync properties between contacts and companies.


Important feature for B2B users who rely on the company record and need to sync company changes with contact records.


Any update on this? This really is a core functionality we need. 


Very much interested in the company fields to be allowed to be re-enrolled and do not know why they would not be allowed to in the first place. It makes it very difficult for us to automate our services in hubspot


Same here. I've tried to implement this for script per your site: It seems the enrollment triggers don't have the same options between Contacts and Companies, so I'm only able to make this work for Contacts. Support has verified. Can you please enable this for Companies (specifically the Owner field) so this script can work as advertised?


A strong upvote. I'd really need to make a workflow based on when a company property changes, and re-enroll every time the property changes. Currently not possible, not even with a smart list workaround.

Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

The workflows team is currently looking into making re-enrollment available for company properties!


Excellent!   What a relief.  Thank you team!



Agreed - this would be really helpful and would allow me to simplify my workflows a lot. I currently have to have a different workflow for each option within each property I want to sync between companies and contacts, which is unweildly and hard to maintain.


Agreed.  Looking forward to this update

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Agreed, would like to see this soon!


Any update?


It's very hard to do "Account Based Marketing" well with this limitation, so thanks for considering it.

Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone,


I’m Megan Legge, a product manager for HubSpot’s workflows tool. Thank you for your votes and comments. At this time there are no plans to develop this Idea. While this functionality was explored back in 2018, we found it was not feasible to implement with our current re-enrollment system, and unfortunately, that is still the case.


Instead, since then, we’ve put efforts toward enhancing deal, company, ticket, and quote workflows to be more robust, and enable re-enrollment for all objects in their respective workflow types (ie. you can re-enroll a company in a company workflow via company centered criteria) and enhancing re-enrollment capabilities in each. For example, rolling date range centered criteria are now supported for re-enrollment. For example, this means you can re-enroll a deal into a deal workflow, using re-enrollment criteria such as, "Deal close date is less than X days from now."


Additionally, it sounds like a lot of these needs are rooted in cross-object property value setting/copying. To improve that experience, we’ve also introduced additional property management functionality via our contact workflows upgrade, over the past several months. For example, in contact workflows, you can now set & copy property values to all other objects (companies, deals, tickets and quotes) in the same way you've always been able to in the other workflow types.


While these improvements have made property value management between objects more robust, many customers are asking for true property mapping/syncing between objects, which is currently being explored by the CRM team. Please check out this ideas post if that’s what you’re looking for, and take the survey linked by product designer CJ Matthews who is researching that feature:


This is not to say that this idea regarding re-enrollment will never be developed, just that there are no plans by which we'd able to do so at this time. 


Thank you,



HI Megan, thanks for the update. Regardless of the 'positivity' of this news, it is still good to have feedback and communication from the Hubspot team. I don't think the other improvements you mention would resolve my workflow, but I've since had to find other approaches (or stop trying).