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Allow workflows to delete or mark tasks complete

USE CASE: We use a custom property to identity when a contact is known to be a dead lead. However, many of these contacts have pending tasks associated which are no longer applicable once a contact is dead.

PROPOSED FUNCTIONALITY: Add a feature to workflows which would allow changing the status of a task or deleting it. Basically this would be just the opposite of creating a task from a workflow ... but perhaps a bit more complex to implement . Currently workflows auto create many tasks which now no long are applicable and must be manually deleted.
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June 25, 2021 09:21 AM

Hey everyone,


Thank you for the continued feedback here. It's very helpful as we have been digging in to understand the use-cases better.


While we don't have anything currently planned here, we will update you if that changes.




Being Reviewed
May 18, 2020 01:18 PM

Hi Everyone,


I'm Jesse Tremblay, Product Manager for our Automation products here at HubSpot. Thanks for all of your feedback on this thread.


While we don't currently have anything planned here, we are going to be reviewing this idea. We will update this thread as we learn more.




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Oh! Thought with so many upvotes that it would have been at least on the roadmap. Will move from tasks to tickets.


Also this function could eventually permit to perform task updates (creation and deletion) directly from Workflows.


I need this feature! 


Different use case, but same functionality. We want to delete or mark tasks complete upon moving to a different pipeline stage.


I have a solution to this but might take a bit of time to process. 

Step 1: Go to Tasks and create a new queue called 'To Delete'.

Step 2: Create a new user in your team, and give it sales role.

Step 3: Create a property called Invalid Tasks.

Step 4: Create a workflow with enrollment trigger: If deal is dead and task status is any of 'whatever you have in queue options except completed', then rotate deal owner to 'This new account you created'.

Final Step: Go back to tasks and filter the assignee to the new account.

You can now select all of them in bulk and delete.

(Extra step): If you want the original deal owners to go back as owners of those dead deals, you can create another workflow with enrollment:
If deal owner is the new assignee (created account) and has ever been any of (Value equals branch) then:
Finally under each branch you assign back the original deal owner. And that's it 🙂 


@Slim-Ben-Salah, I follow your logic, except that reassigning the deal does not reassign the task associated with the deal. What am I missing?

It appears that I have made a mistake, it didn't go as planned. 😞

On the other hand @Slim-Ben-Salah, your explanation of how to accomplish this, demostrates how ridiculously complicated it would be to build a workaround for such a fundamental need. 


This would be wonderful!


Please make this a thing!


This would also be really useful for our use case


Hello! +1 to this idea! 


We'd also like the ability to re-assign tasks. When a lead (and associated deal) is reassigned, it would be so helpful to close out and/or transfer those tasks to the new owner.


We have a HUGE queue of overdue/incomplete tasks and they have turned into useless noise at this point, which makes legitimate tasks a lot less useful too. Please HubSpot, allow us to manage tasks in workflows like everything else!


We need this!

Use case: We have community managers who get tasks when a student is falling behind in one of our online classes - but as the tasks add up we'd like them to automatically close when the student catches up before our community manager contacts them.


This is pretty critical for us. Our sales team starts every day by bringing up a list of suspended/unengaged users and going down the task list getting rid of associated tasks with these contacts. Please address this feature request!

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+1 for this idea. Lots of tasks that should go automatically deleted. This is a hassle to do manually. 


Would be extremelly usefull. Even if you could add a column in the tasks page that shows the contacts lifecycle stage as "Dead Lead" to action manually. Would save time either way.


Definitely necessary feature we are desperatly looking for 😕


+1 for this idea.


Use case: we add a number of tasks in a workflow to a ticket.  The tasks are to be completed by humans, but another workflow will complete those tasks automatically if the human interaction is delayed.  It would be great to then mark the task as completed (deletion would be useful too), so a human knows it was taken care of in the automatic workflow.


Yes this would be super helpful, you can create the task in the workflow so it seems like if X is done then mark it complete would be easy. Or setting the activity properties to clear or update to complete for the associated task activity. 


This would be fantastic. Same use case here. There needs to be a way to clean out tasks based on dead leads or lost deals.